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Anchorman Saved My Life.

August 15, 2012

Disclaimer: MEN- this is most definitely a womanly topic, don’t be fooled by Anchorman. Only real men can talk periods. 

I was sitting on the couch last night, eating a medium rare burger when a thought occurred to me:

I am going camping this weekend. I may also get a visit from Mother Nature, and those commercials haven’t covered bear attacks.

I saved my worries until this morning, when I could chat to Maki and make her feel very uncomfortable. Yay!

Unfortunately, this was new ground we were walking on and we only had one reference in history to apply to my worries:

If Brick said it, then you know it’s real. “Did ya hear that, Ed? Bears. Now the whole news room is in jeopardy.”

So what to do? Isn’t it obvious? Use my work computer to research methods of safety and if anybody had ever died because Mother Nature couldn’t control the Nature part of her name. Turns out a lot of nature loving women had this same concern and thanks to E-How I feel I can keep the bears or wolves or Forest Men away from the camp… I saw nothing about the scent capacity of Big Foot but I feel confident he wouldn’t blow his cover for a measly menstrual flow.

I’m proud of us, weridos. We touched new ground of intimacy, I’m no longer just a famous blogger that you idolize… I’m a real person, too. And you know this because you read about my period. *fighting huge smile for making at least 50 people uncomfortable today*


Fun fact, if you google image “Mother Nature” you’ll be privy to people’s acid trips. 

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