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Witty Title Here That Takes the Place of Obscenities.

August 14, 2012

Let’s list the things that have changed in 107 years: some of the trains got shiny….and uh….the fare went up…and up…and up….and up…

Things I can tolerate (begrudgingly) from the MTA:

1. The dumbfounding observation that MTA employees don’t know the tunnels they work in everyday and can’t assist the passengers, both resident and visitor, to direct them.

2. The continuous climb in fare (under the ruse of needing improvements) for the last 8  years of my life here, yet “work” that is “needed” only began when people began to question where their already steep fare went in the first place.

3. The up in fare that was “needed” for “work” seemingly went into advertising about the “work” they were doing to make your life “easier”….I have failed to see the actual “work” though.

Dude, if you think this is bad- give it a few years.

4. “Signal Maintenance”

5. The lack of actual rules and regulation within the platforms and trains themselves.

6. Of which leaks into the idea that I have to pay more to deal with non-ventilated stations, homeless men taking up full benches on the train and provoking passengers, clueless employees, mannerless civilians, etc.

7. The stench, outdated technology, unattended stations, “being patient while there is train traffic ahead”, switching routes in rush hour  3 stops from my home, assholes who play their music out of the phones, puddles in seats.

At least they all look happy and good spirited…nothing like the man 60 years prior….

What can I not tolerate?

The fact that you can’t even keep the machines working that make take our money for your ever increasing, reasonless fare. NO BILLS ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME is completely ridiculous for  one day let alone four. Adding on the fact that two out of three machines had something stuck in the debit card slot that you’re forcing us all to use.

And yet….there’s not one damn thing I can do about it. Makes a girl feel good.

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