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Midnight Yankee

August 13, 2012

Well, the little redneck is settled in back where it’s safe and I feel we did a great job of making him feel completely overwhelmed but a part of the mix. He definitely boarded the plane a little glossy eyed.

Please enjoy this picture story while your party is being reached:

Our first day was rainy but we trucked it over to Times Square where Austin fit right in…with the tourists. MUAHAHA! Just kidding, he totes played it cool- this pic above is prime example of his cool, also the fake New Yorker accent he put on as he loudly shouted, “In all my yeayuhs heyuh…blah blah blah”

Thank to Toys R Us we were able to give him flash lessons in two of New York’s “must have” personality traits: Being intimidating and being mother-effing creepy.

We treated him to his very first bagel! Yes, people, we don’t have bagels where I’m from in Texas. The one bagel shop closed years ago because Texans kept getting them confused with donuts, obviously violently confused when it wasn’t covered with sugar or icing.

We took him to Crif Dog, where magic in the form of tubed meats happens.

Our last day was filled with such excitement that we actually Captain Planet’d the day and cleared the impending doom of weather that threatened to destroy our beach fun. Success.

He may have left with a twitching eyelid and sore muscles, but we had fun torturing him with the insanity that is New York.

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