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I Was Just Wondering…

August 8, 2012

We need exercise… to be advertised? At us?

Yeesh, people. As if the weekly reports on the rise of obesity, Bloomberg’s decree on removing large sodas, or the fact every fast food “restaurant” has a “healthy” menu (because for some reason the bright beacon of fry oil cannot be ignored, but, oh, maybe I should get a salad)- isn’t proof enough that we should probably move around a bit more, yeah?

I’m almost certain in another few years we’ll have ads for breathing: Air, it’s all around- and calorie free. Breathe a little. 

As a young lass I didn’t need telling to get my hiney outside, you couldn’t stop me from running around like a I was on a horse or climbing through the stretch of woods and creek behind our apartments in good ‘ol Texas. Did we eat at McDonalds? Absolutely, Tuesday night was family night and we played bingo there. Were my parents making dinner and including vegetables on the nights McDonalds wasn’t a treat? Bingo. That nifty little thing called balance and control, with food and movement, kept me and my family from having the cholesterol of a 50 year old man at the ripe age of 10.

But the funny (embarrassing) thing is, the adverts aren’t even geared to the bevy of chubby children that apparently need to be forced into simple movements- they’re pointing at you, Mr. and Mrs. Adults…the ones who grew up and had to be responsible for themselves and get big people jobs to support their lives…need to be told that being obese isn’t okay. Feeling your heart pound after lifting yourself up two steps…isn’t okay. Drinking massive amounts of soda as hydration…isn’t okay. Not doing anything of cardio value….ISN’T OKAY!

Let the creatives, spending hours on brainwashing you into supporting a brand, work on things that matter, like investing and beer. Don’t waste our time with ads about normal bodily action.

I was just wondering, is it true you need the same methods used to get you to buy that counter spray- to get you to the gym?

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