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I Can Has Style.

August 2, 2012

But not if I’m drenched in sweat.

I’m so conflicted, weirdos.

I want to dress cute, hip, my own lil touch of Erika style weaving in with modern trends. But if I ruin them with sweat, and I haven’t even made it to work? Ugh. Brutal.

I see these girls in effortless outfits, not a drop of sweat anywhere… and I don’t get it. If I feel like I’m walking through water trying to get into the subway, and then actually submerge myself into the depths of no air circulation- how do you not pourspire?

Well, I’ve had enough. I’m seeking out ways to change this with science…I mean, style…

My first order of business was research…and then my next order of business was figuring out why NOBODY WRITES ABOUT THIS! (although I did find these gems on dressing emo and “scene” in summer, even these people have a voice. albeit whiny and annoying.)

Look, I get it- it’s embarrassing to sweat, especially as a lady- but come on, it’s sweat, not poop. We won’t talk about that, I sweat. I mean, I swear.

Anywho, I have found one site that gives standard advice, which is still really good, but not as extensive as I’d planned. So what to  do? Duh, I’ll be a trailblazer- A cornerstone. And any other word that would continue this redundancy.

But, YMWIK, how will you write about sweat style prevention if you yourself didn’t know?

Shut up.


This tip was on the site mentioned above, and with the flowy shirts and faux satin blouses, it’s easy to forget or pass up cottons.

With cotton being this versatile, I guess the commercials are right.


Another nice reminder from the blog above, layering is ok in the summer- it might even help.

Again, keep the fabrics natural and if you don’t want to layer but need an “absorber”, nude tanks are the way to go.

and while I hate this rule….I have to agree…..DARK COLORS!

So there you go… I tried to solve my own problems and hopefully many more ladies out there who suffer in dripping silence.

One day I’ll again live in a place where we walk two seconds to an A/C’d car to drive to our A/C’d jobs and back to our central A/C’d homes.

If Sweat Can Has Style, I Can Has Style.

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