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August 1, 2012

I knew there would come a day when someone kinda still famous would get angry. AND TODAY IS THE DAY!

Conor Oberst, the singer-songwriter who was the voice of a generation well before Lena Dunham took a stab at it, is now 32 years old. And though he’s best known for Bright Eyes’ aching and somber folk songs, he’s angry.

Cough. Has this ‘journalist’ ever listened to Bright Eyes? Have you seen Conor?

I’ve been a fan of Bright Eyes for awhile now, even through people’s comments that “he sings like he’s on the verge of vomiting”. I’m a word girl and this guy winds words through melodies like nobody’s business. And those words?  Heavily charged with drugs, angst, the hating kind of love, the atrocities of politics and society, and anything else a New York emo-genius, ego-tastic songwriter could pen about.

He did not just find angry, he invented it.

He’s angry because America is “destroying families through deportation,” and because Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz. is proud to be compared to the KKK. And when Oberst is upset, he doesn’t rally a militia of Minutemen or over-zealous officers, he writes a punk-rock song.

And when hasn’t a punk-rock song demolished injustice and inequality? First off, you’re hyping a band that coined the phrase “not for everyone”… and then you’re making it like he’s the only one ballsy enough to stand ground and talk about illegal immigrants and what they deserve.

I’m not about to get into my stance on that topic, but I won’t pause for a second in saying: If a political activist shit in the woods, would it change people’s mind?

This is not about Sheriff Joe and his job to keep the legality of our world…legal…. It’s about promoting a band that anyone under the age of 20 probably doesn’t know about, and to be quite honest- probably won’t listen to. And should the one teenager not stuck in Rihanna’s ass hear his calling, I’d put money on the fact he won’t be going to fight the deportation of illegal immigrants. He has too many joints to roll. But I will give him the credit to maybe mumble a “Aw, dude…that sucks.”

Conor creates a unique form of ‘required taste’ and no amount of political hot-doggery will change that- unless he wrote the album with Train or Kesha. And, in case you can’t read into sarcasm: that would never happen.

This caustic crooner will forever hold a place in my ears, but can we stop pretending to promote issues while promoting an album? You don’t see famous actors or actresses promoting Presidential candidates while pushing a new movie, do you?

Oh…well… when you put it that way.

Imma go listen to Digital Ash in a Digital Urn.

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