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July 31, 2012

Is it normal to want to punch someone out of love? It seemed somewhat excusable in Of Mice and Men…..


Now you understand the demanding urge to punch this cup of cake’s Creator? Out of love. 

This is called a Biscoff and Kahlua Crunch… I don’t know what the flip Biscoff is, but I like it.

Who would even be able to eat this thing of majestic beauty? To smear its icing would be like tipping Stonehenge or breaking the nose off the pharaoh pyramid thing…if the guy in Aladdin hadn’t already done it, I suppose.

This is all besides the point, WHO COULD LAY A FINGER…nay…A LIP ON THAT!

Well, I would. But still. I would definitely pause. It deserves a pause.

This blog is insanely epic for a cup of cake connoisseur. I want to crawl through my screen and hide there, just watching. That sounds creepy, I don’t mean watch the lady that makes this webpage epic… I mean like… okay the amazingness of this cup of cake is making me all weird.

I don’t want to scare Bakers Royale away so let me wrap this up-

I need that cupcake.


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