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I’m So Sorry.

July 20, 2012

I guess you could say Fridays post will be going along the current theme of this week. But this surpasses my petty problems of money, career, life…Because, I have all of those things still today. I have my family. My siblings. My friends.

All of my thoughts go towards the victims in Colorado. And by victims, I mean, anyone in that theatre. A victim is anyone who heard, saw, felt the upper hand of sheer evil that came into a theatre and stole the lives of innocent people. Parents don’t have kids, Kids don’t have their parents- all thanks to a world i’m shameful of, a world I feel more and more detached from, as it slowly ascends towards unthinkable acts that are becoming more and more thinkable. Expected.

Any more words on my part would take away from the peace these families, friends, neighbors deserve to feel. We’re in too deep and nothing I could say will bring those taken, back.

I’m so sorry for your unimaginable pain.

Please, please stop this feeling of humility in a time of over political correctness and selfish fixations- if anything, anyone, makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason, listen to your gut and do something. Innocent people don’t deserve to die because of peoples aversion to possibly being embarrassed and wrong.

Say something. 

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