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I’m Just…Like….

July 19, 2012


That’s what I’m like.

I can’t go into details (learned the lesson awhile ago about talking specifics about someone, thing, or situation)… But given the fact that my Mondays post was about pure and promising FUCKERY, I’m sure you get the point that I’ve been…fuckeried.

And I can’t shake it.

I have so many paths I could go down and each one shows perfectly clear how badly they could go. Is there a good side? Of course. But good sides aren’t scary. And if my life was made of good endings, I wouldn’t be writing posts on fuckery.

I’m not feeling witty, funny… I can’t lift my spirits enough to be the court jester of your personal kingdom… And I certainly didn’t want to bring anyone down, I’m not an asshole. So instead of my ranting about something that could quite possibly just turn out mopey, I thought I would share some videos that perk me the fuck up:

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