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July 17, 2012

The disgust towards the 1%’ers is spreading species.

The “pee-formance” happened during a performance by animal trainers Karina and Arthur Bagdasarov. At one point, the male tiger, Kesha, was supposed to perform a trick, but preferred to lift his hind leg and whiz on the V.I.P.s in the best seats

We’ve all wanted to have a proverbial piss on the higher ups that seem to forget they were once on the bottom. They throw their money, perks, lifestyle and greed in our faces like it’s this seasons Birkin bag and we get to sit back and not press too hard because who knows what they could do to destroy you. But go ahead, throw it on our faces- animals across the globe will hear the story of Tigers taking action and I expect a yellow stream of revolting to begin soon after.

“The jet launched over two meters and hit the VIP box. The tiger was sitting atop a stand when the tamer cracked his whip. But instead of performing the act, the tiger lifted his leg and targeted the people occupying the expensive seats.”

That proves it folks, the word targeted was used. This was on purpose.

Hide and Pee time! Tiger children’s favorite game to play with rich people!

They say animals can feel the emotions of people, and maybe the quadrupeds whose land we’ve stripped to build multimillion dollar mansions understands that anyone below these VIP living bastards is dealing with the same stripping…stripping of land, pride and dignity.

And what better way to strip those people of the same thing than pissing all over them!

She describes the odor of tiger pee “very savory, like yeast and salt and an added mix of strong herbs simmering in rotten meat broth.”

This sounds like a really horrible review of a wine tasting. But let us throw back our heads and release the evil laugh of the 99% (humans and animals alike) that has won!

Wait…what the…

Paying big money to have tiger urine in your pink lemonade would piss most people off, but sources told Pravda that the victims of this attack merely laughed it off, wiped their clothes and continued watching the show.


I give up.

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