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I Can Has Style.

July 13, 2012

Weirdo’s… I’m so confused. I’m not sure I’m ready for the Materialistic Hippy Movement.

I get being free and wearing whatever to express your true blah blah blah…but if we blurry the lines too much people might start wearing bathing suits to formal functions. Or gowns to the beach.

Allow me to explain. On any given day I see this selection clopping the streets of the city:

I would love to where all of these, save the one in the middle- I have man shoulders, I don’t do sleeveless. I flashed all of Wrightsville last time I tried to pull that off. But here’s my problem…

My mom and society taught me that there is a place for all these outfits. The first one, a weekend casual- to the mall or bar. The middle, a trash can. The last one, a wedding or cocktail function. None of these belong in the same office that I see all of them enter into on any weekday at 9am.

I don’t always dress up nice, but when i do I wear Dos Equis. I’m kidding.

I don’t always dress up uber nice, it’s why Frankie got me a gift card to Express- and the nicest thing I could walk out with was a sequined tank top:

That’s Classy Ya’ll.

Pardon the horrible lighting, i’m in an office. I wasn’t going to trust the camera with my face in overhead, washed out office rays. But you get the point.

So I’m not the most put together Fahionista, but I try. I love a good pair of jeans and a nice top, maybe some lifted sandals. But when I’ve got outfits around me that range from Courtney Love to Princess Diana…where do I fit in? How do I not look like a bum next to the bridesmaids dresses that pass as office attire now?

If Office Wedding Junkie Chic can has style, I can has style?

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