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They Got Me.

July 12, 2012

I knew I shouldn’t have written that post yesterday, but I stand by my guns! Not real guns, my writing guns.

The Sciencefictionists have hit me where it hurts….they crashed my cable. They got me.

I had just started Weeds, catching up on Californication, Breaking Bad starts Sunday- and I thought, I thought to myself as I angrily slurped coffee whilst watching a black screen, that Time Warner is a douche bag. A BAG OF DOUCHES! But then…oh but then….

That would be too easy. The perfect alibi, I would obviously blame Time Warner- who wouldn’t? They’re a horrible, evil monopoly that hasn’t updated their technology since cable was invented.

But I know the stench of tax audits when I smell it, this had Tom Cruise written all over it.

“Feeling overwhelmed?”….”Want more out of life?”….”Are you sad?”….

Yes! Yes, I answer! And it hits me…this is the stress test of life. Will I fold into the false protection of Xenons? Or stand brave and repost my blog from yesterday?

You think you got me, celebrities that not only think they’re above normal logical housing with no more than 5 rooms but also above the bevy of organized religions that are normal? 

You didn’t. My words are stronger than your stalkers, you weirdness and my need to call you out on it surpasses all need for MODERN CABLE!

You might have won the battle…but i’m normal.

Sort of.

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