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July 6, 2012


Maki gave me this cake in the rough and I have to say…I think it was built by Greek Gods or something.


Look at that shit. LOOK!

God (BakersRoyale) spent a little more time on this one. Rugged good looks, sweet side with a salty stare….jagged pretzels. Damn.

I do want to take this on myself. No, I don’t mean eat it off myself- served up on a porcelain plate of Erika. I WANT TO CREATE THIS UNGODLY CREATURE. But it saddens me to know that my hand-eye coordination gives me that lacking touch to create something this epic. So i’m gonna have Maki help. And I’ll pay her in ONE cup of cake.

I’ve seen lately a lot of this, “add warm coffee” to chocolate cakes. I’ve never heard of this, but when I did- my heart stopped. And then doctors brought me back to life and I was all, What happened? And they were like, Apparently you can add warm coffee to chocolate cake recipes. And I died again. They refused to speak when I was brought back once more.

I’ve heard of espresso flavoring before, obvi (gagvi). But I had no idea one could moisten and pump up the flavor volume IN ONE INGREDIENT.

Oh, but this is made with beer. Not coffee. So……

BEER AND CUPCAKES??? Equally as amazing. And i’ve confused my morning joe with a mug of guinness before, so if it can trick me it can DEF trick a cupcake. Cupcakes don’t have brains. Just beauty.

I hope this 8th Wonder will fulfill your every staring need this Friday.

Have a good weekend, weirdo’s!

Got any cupcake findings you want to share? Check out YMWIK facebook page or mosey on down to the comments area! 


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