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It’s The Retainers Fault.

June 29, 2012

Braces. We’ve all had ’em, and if you didn’t literally have them, I’m sure you had your symbolic braces at some point in your life.

Is that the line that wordpress will use as a quote for me when I’m a famous dead author?

Braces. We’ve all had ’em, and if you didn’t literally have them I’m sure you had your symbolic braces at some point in your life.

 -Erika Lindsey
Not bad.
Anywho, braces. We’ve all had ’em- I’m just kidding. I won’t write that again.
My dumbass (lovely) dog has this wonderful habit of inching the time she decides we’ve been laying too long earlier and earlier. It got to 5:15am this morning. Unfortunately she doesn’t take Frankie seriously and she’s terrified (loves) me so I stared her down and said, “GO TO FUCKING SLEEP!” I’m just kidding, but I def thought it. I gave her a command to lay down and she did.
Unfortunately I couldn’t give myself a command to fall back asleep immediately. 6am rolls around and finally I drift off- and ’bout had the weirdest 15 min dream ever. And it made me believe that everything mysterious we’ve ever thought could be real…isn’t.
I was laying on the bed in my dream. Since vacation all my dreams have centered around a group and being elsewhere. This time my boss was there along with Frankie and some other peeps. My boss lays on the bed with me and is talking to me but I’m so tired I can barely respond. She leaves but my mouth feels weird. The braces I’ve apparently had forever in my dream life seem more bulbous than normal. I can barely talk to people as I grind a canine tooth against another, the braces don’t feel right. I’m in the bathroom when I look in the mirror, there is blood on my face. How did my boss not tell me there was blood on my face? Where is the blood coming from?
My mouth. It’s in my mouth. I can barely form a spit mouth to get the irony liquid from my tongue, I’m wondering why my braces are being dicks. And then, with a flick of my tongue along the bottom teeth I feel something that stirs a memory. Another flick. Another flick. And with a last forceful swipe up I remove the retainer that somehow got in my mouth when I’m wearing braces.
In case you’re the few who’ve only had symbolic braces, you don’t wear a retainer until the braces are gone. 
With the object freed from the wires and teeth I feel like myself again. The fake self that has braces even though I gave 3 years of my life to them in highschool.
But YMWIK, what has this got to do with philosophical understandings?
I had memory in my dream. I felt the back of that retainer. I felt my teeth grind. I felt that strange catching of skin from the brackets in my braces. I tasted blood.
How is it that the wrinkly paste held in a bone bowl can conjure and convince feelings that are real? I know you reach a deep place in your brain when you dream; but when it comes to hallucinations, UFO sightings, and all the crazy shit we can’t convince our awake selves is real even though we want to and yet we dream such real shit… is it impossible to think that dream part of your brain came awake for a moment in real life? If you are real in your dreams, can your dreams be real in your day to day life?
Am I being too weird too early?
If you’ve ever had a strange experience in the waking world that you could never quite convince yourself is real, or mayhap you had a dream that took convincing to prove it wasn’t real? TELL ME! You know where to go, Facebook page on the right and comments beloooooow!
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