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I Can Has Style.

June 27, 2012


Oh the days lounging by the pool in your brightly colored block shirt and high waisted cut off jean shorts. Listening to the tunes of Sugar Ray and LL Cool J…sippin on some…um…. Ok, my knowledge of the 90’s only goes so far seeing that I was a toddler for the beginning and only listened to country music after that so….

What I’m trying to say is this: Welcome back to the 90’s!

If summer in the city has shown me anything it’s the days of Guess jeans and bright colors are back!

Let’s see what peeps have to offer:

If this weren’t so hipster I’d swear it came straight from Clueless. But those girls bathed…and listened to pop music.

Who’d a thunk we could squeeze our thighs into¬†accouterments so close to Canadian tuxedos. But if Miley Cyrus is doing it…

I was saved by the bell with this this grungy get up. Fashion is Nirvana…

THE COLORS DUKE THE COLORS! Katy Perry shows us ‘normal folk’ how to dress in ways we could never think possible because we aren’t Katy Perry…or living in the 90’s….

Leave it to the girls who were born in the last 2 years of the 90’s to pin down the balance between tights, denim and lace. Like, you totally did awesome. For reelz.

Well, there we have it. I’ve proven the 90’s are back and I’m quite honestly not all that appalled by it. I tried so hard to be Alicia Silverstone when I was 13 and now I can be her and MORE! **Freeze Frame Jump**

If the 90’s can has style, I can has style.

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