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I Was Just Wondering…

June 26, 2012

What’s going on with breast milk?

Oh, no- you read that right.

What’s going on with breast milk?

I’m seeing it everywhere! Not like, breast milk the substance. I don’t see that. But a lot of people are talking about it like we’ve just realized nutrients come from those things guys play with.

I was in my pre 3rd coffee daze on the train this morning when I look up and begin to read an ad that I can’t quite get the gist of. Mom. Baby. Baby attached to smiling mom. List of things formula can’t do…. Wait. Mom. Baby. Baby attached to smiling mom. List of things…formula…can’t…OH! It’s an ad for breast feeding!

Wait, why?

This isn’t the first pro-breast feeding occurrence though. Military mommies did a campaign for breast feeding a few months ago and got in big trouble for it. Apparently since they live in the mans world and giggles in the lunch room disrupt the babies eating cycle they chose to advertise the fact that this is normal.

I tried to think of why we needed to convince women that breast feeding is natural and nice? How is it that woman now can look down at boobs that are making milk and think- “honey, did you pick up more formula?”

I remember awhile back this hooplah over a woman breast feeding on the plane and how it made people uncomfortable. The same people that walk by 10 foot ads of half naked women in lingerie. The same people that watch movies, play video games, and read magazines with sex, murder, drugs, lies, blood, etc.

And nurturing a child with the body that is telling you to nurture your child….is…..uncomfortable. Sigh.

I assume in my anti-feminist way that weening off natural feeding started awhile back with skirts getting shorter and men ceasing to open doors for the working woman. But the social stigma has gone so deep that we’re actually embarrassed and scolded in public if we try such a thing as feeding an infant. It’s insane that we’re having to convince women through advertising that its ok to use those things you push up to your chins for business deals and date nights for something that actually needs to happen- like feeding a baby.

Obviously those whose babies don’t latch and medical reasons are exempt from this complaint. I’m not an idiot, I understand each case is different. But at the end of the day, if your bouncing baby boobs are as healthy as that bouncing baby boy/girl then you should spend some downtime with the kid and feed it what your body intended.

I was just wondering… if ice cream, models, or car-stealing-hooker-killing video games came from boobs would we be so embarrassed to use them in public?

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  1. Diane permalink
    June 26, 2012 11:42 am

    As far as the Mommies in the Military. The uproar was mostly from them championing a cause while in uniform, not the act itself. That is a big no no in uniform. But I get the big point of the column.

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