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I Passed! Or Failed! Depending On What The Message Was!

June 22, 2012

It was hot. If anyone reading this is in New York, Joisee, or that place that floats nearby..ummmm…someone help me out here…an island… i don’t know, it’s not important. What IS important is how mothereffing hot it is.

And the headaches that keep popping up don’t go well with heat wave splashed in.

So as  you know by now, it was hot. I had a headache. I just wanted my seat, my book (Fahrenheit 451, wha wha!), and the breeze from the vent. That’s all. And then she came. Amazon woman who took the entire vent space for herself, blocking me from that heavenly coolness that made the last 30 minutes of my vertical time bearable.

You bitch.

It was awful.

Fast forward to today. Luckily my standing space by the vent, flat against the door as to not block the stream, is open. Yay!  I’m standing there a good five minutes when I realize the woman sitting below me is fanning herself and huffing puffing about the place. Am I blocking her air? I can’t be that person from yesterday, I can’t. It would make me a hypocrite! AAAAHHHH!

So i subtly shift myself away from the vent, allowing her access to air. But…what’s this? She continues to fan, pout, puff and huff. And then….oh god… And then she starts to file her nails. We’ve been through this before, I haaaaate when people groom themselves on the train. It’s gross. Nail clippings or nail dust, it’s the same damn gross thing. And I know it’s flying everywhere because she had to dust it off her pants…near my feet. OH GOD.

That was the person I couldn’t be a hypocrite for. The person who didn’t even know I existed or couldn’t be bothered with the knowledge, otherwise she would have been mortified at the thought she was dusting HER DAMN DNA ALL OVER MY NICE SANDALS. Ugh.

What was my lesson today? I want it to be that you should not be a hypocrite and acknowledge the people around you on a hot summer day. But honestly? I have a pretty good record here on this blog that proves that, no, it’s not about being nice and aware of the ones surrounding you. This was the lesson:

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