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Coffee With a Splash of Polygamy

June 19, 2012

When OnDemand allows, I watch Sister Wives in the morning with my coffee.

Strange? Well, if this was the first thing I’ve said since October that has struck you as strange…see a doctor.

It’s hard to deny that out of all the reality tv I watch (and you do too, otherwise it wouldn’t consume 80% of cable) Sister Wives is the most realistic. And it’s about a way of life that you don’t see every day unless you had a Chloe Sevigny obsession and access to HBO. It’s about Polygamy.

I don’t know squat about that stuff, but I know watching this unique family, it’s as close to family as you’ll get on TV today. They aren’t the Kardashians. The Shahs of Sunset. The Fucking Hills.

Curiosity  drove me to watch the show when it aired for the first time on TLC but love, family, and truth had me transfixed.

There is so much love.

How many “normal” families are producing adequate functioning members of society nowadays? And yet this family, who is no doubt persecuted constantly for their way of life, strives to shape good humans from their lot of children. And guess what? They are doing a pretty good job, even with the excess struggle they face. And when things get hard, sad? They come to together and work it out and love. Love. Love. They might appear old fashioned but slightly old fashioned, I believe, helps lessen that narcissistic way kids have about them now. Yeah?

I’ve started to understand that I live in a world where a person, a people, a society has created boundaries that encourage hate and deny love. It truly makes no sense to me. And leave it to a shunned way of life to show what real love is. It’s not easy. It’s not always nice. It’s work. Whether it’s the kids or the marriages or everyone involved, it’s not sunshine and rainbows. But it’s love. And we just don’t see enough of that in real life, anymore.

I did grow up moderately religious but with life the details of that backing fade and what stands in front of me is an entire globe full of people all believing in essentially the same thing, yet attacking or judging others for the minor differences in detail. And I guess, if you struggle every day to be accepted in society for your way of living, you begin to notice parts of the bible that the more prominent organized religions fail to mark: It pretty much says your brother may eat meat on Sunday, and that is okay. Do not force your way of life on another, it causes conflict and judgement. Accept your brother and his ways. Harbor understanding and acceptance.

I’d say we’re doing a pretty good job with that as a whole, yeah? **blank stare….blink blink**

It’s not shocking to me to know that the normals that make up most of this country or globe shut down upon seeing or hearing about this type of living (and many others that we’re working to fix). What is shocking is the fact that when you see real love and dedication in someone, or a family of 22, or a marriage between members of the same sex- and their way of life isn’t acceptable to you- you try and shut it down. You don’t think about all the fighting across the globe. All the evil that weaves itself through daily life- you don’t want to shut that down. But you’ll shut love down in a blink. A blind blink.

I’m sorry if this was a little off kilter than my normal write ups, but if I have 2 people reading my blog- that is two more that thought a little more on love today. And that makes it worth it.

Also, Kody Brown is HILARIOUS. And slightly strange.

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  1. Diane permalink
    June 19, 2012 11:26 am

    Not sure how but you still amaze me daughter, very proud!!!!

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