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There was a man. And a car. And a gun. …….And a beach. And a crab. And a wiffle bat. And a Boot.

June 11, 2012

We were strong, to survive the tale I’m about to tell, OH WE WERE STRONG! *ahem* Allow me to explain, please be seated.

It started harmlessly, let’s all go out on a boat. Sure. Nothing weird about that. But with a gust of wind our three hour tour turned into a tour of horrooooooor…or really maybe just a slight detour of horror.

Zach preached to us the rules of surviving in the beachy wild at the moment we realized our lives in normal civilization were sadly discarded…for a time.

But nothing, not Zach and his stylish mid drift shirt nor hell or high water could prepare us for this adventure of discovery and loss.

We were stranded.

Albeit with multiple supplies as if we’d planned this somehow.

With food.

And more food.

With our bodies invigorated with sustenance we decided to explore our new world. I know, we’re brave.

Unfortunately we lost a troop not too far into our journey, the wave was too strong…*cry hiccup* t-t-tooo strong.

I’m sorry, I’m still…raw….eh? eh???

We walked many miles in search of island natives…. or a mailbox.

The Beach Gods were on our side. Or completely turned off by these city folk stomping around their desolate island. WE WERE SAVED!

The Gods (Jessie’s Parents) took us to their heavenly condo estate where we got our wits back. Or, sadly…tried to. Some of us…it got to us too hard.

After this bout of delirium…it didn’t take long. At least there was no more pain.

At this point Maki and I definitely felt like Peeta and Katniss, thanks to my reading the Hunger series an autistic amount of times I was compelled to think it could only be one of us that left the pool gates. Until she reminded me that we weren’t in a fake book series and the rest of the gang was not dead but doing synchronized dead mans float.

After this adventure we stuck close to the shore and tried to shake off the frightening images of that fateful private beach day….

Water Then Drink The Booze You Have In Your Hand Pong

Ladies and Gents- THE BEATLES!

Frankie ran from ocean Whales with legs! AAAAHHHH!

Beach Vikings O’er Taking the Lands!



And that’s only the first 4 days!

Stay tuned for style, food and crazy out of context one liners later this week as we dive further into the depths of my vacation! I missed you weirdos!

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