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iDate- Where Techies Learn To Mac

May 21, 2012

iDate… For People Who Love To Mac.

A sleepy eyed, rain sodden Erika sat on the train observing an ad she’d seen a lot over the last few weeks.

And here is where I transition out of third person referencing:

I’d seen this ad but never really paid attention to it as it seems to be directed to people who want to go on dating sites but are too embarrassed to go on dating sites. What strikes me as odd is the fact that if these people told their friends they registered on they would all think: dating site.

I don’t have a problem with dating sites at all, some people are better expressed in a first impression setting when given the opportunity to clearly outline themselves. And some people probably feel the pressure of age and time while others had “been there done that” in the real world and couldn’t think to visit another bar on Thursday. I get and respect all of that. But here is where that line gets blurry…

If you’re 20-late 20’s, no matter where you are globally, I feel your social life should be peaked enough to meet new people. When it comes to updating status, sharing posts and pictures, tweeting about the most trivial of things- we’ve somehow made meeting people a reason for quick fixes, too.

I’ve thought about this often, i’ve known a lot of young ladies who go on these sites and while they are free to do whatever they deem fitting for their lives- and I really don’t pass judgement on them-I will find myself asking “why?”. I know these girls to be interesting, smart, cute/sexy/pretty. And I didn’t meet them on a site, I met them in person and was instantly smacked by how unique they were. Why do they feel strangers in the outside world don’t see that, too? Or what have they encountered as these people that have them typing away instead of practicing pick up lines?

While staring at the ad, which depicted 3 young and hip and attractive strangers, I realized it was depicting 3 young and hip and attractive strangers. This was NOT an ad attracting the young 30’s who are watching for greys and already seeping botox for the man they haven’t found on the web yet- this ad was for the me’s.

Granted, they were all named the most ridiculous things that I assume is meant for people who think names are what makes the personality. These hipsters can’t wait to meet Juella, Tope and Saucy… I on the other hand will avoid them like the plague.

I’ve often times been the receiving end of this comment: Well, you didn’t have to worry about this because you met Frankie when you were 20.

There were times I would have taken that at stock value, but I realized it meant nothing. I want to meet people, not a screen. I was to observe them myself instead of being told in a paragraph why we might work. And whether I was 20 or 25, I would still think like that. And I don’t like the ads trying to lure younger and younger masses into their web. We’ve stopped going outside to play, we don’t talk to our friends when they’re right next us because Facebook (where you have 354 friends) is just a button away- why would you encourage another form of face to face to be done over a screen?

Courtney- Athletic build and an appetite for lying.

When there are more people outside pounding pavement everyday than on the web, why are you searching inside a box for your Mr. and Ms. Right at an age just legally deemed fitting to rent a car?

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