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I Can Has Style.

May 18, 2012

From the sea to a sandwich, todays fashion is aaaaallllllll color!

The people spoke to me through their clothes this morning and I witnessed quite a theme on this sunny Friday: Coral and Mustard.

I’ll start by saying, I’m not sure they go together per se, but they individually go with summer style- so let’s wipe our lip sweat and dig in!

Let’s get the color I’m not too fond of out of the way: Moostard. Also known as Mustard.

I thought it a strange color for summer, the spectrum it belongs to is most definitely fall, but you can’t hold Mustard down. It’s far too bold and spicy to be kept in the closet for a cool, leaf crunching day.

I’d leave it in bed, but you can walk out of the house in this playful, pleated skirt.

I could definitely try this Mustard Muse on for size, nothing says Doable Mustard like a Chanel link strap.

This is a bolder mustard that I really can’t pull off, but luckily this girl does for those of you who likes the spectrum of spreadable flavor. The floral skirt on the right is just enough mustard, almost orange, to blend in for those that like a little less flare.

This belt is the perfect example of a POC. This, for me, is what mustard was meant for. A splash of it can go a long way and blend in with different patterns and colors, much like the condiment itself- Just a dab will do ya.

Now on to the brighter side of life: CORAL!

I remember getting my first coral colored shirt. I proclaimed, I don’t wear pink. My mother said, it’s coral.

This has become my mantra for wearing pink, as long as it’s coral. Is coral pink? Yes. Is it like a pink that grew up and learned a lot on the way, read many leather bound books? Yes. Therefore I wear it.

Lets start subdued, this coral goes well with morning coffee, matches a croissant perfectly and luckily will hold the money to buy you both!

She knows how to wear coral. I love a muted coral (pink) with a soft navy short, add those Hangover Shades and pale palor: Well, I think I found my role model.

Lets end with a bang and clop those ankle boots into an eye popping coral pencil skirt with ruffle. If I had to do 80’s, this would be my compromise. And let’s be clear, I don’t do the 80’s.

WELP! That’s my wrap up on summer colors. Whether you like lox or a dab of Poupon, fashion is all up in it.

If sandwiches and the sea can has style, I can has style.

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