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Ocean. Gulp. Vast.

May 16, 2012

I don’t know if ya’ll are aware of this but…..the ocean is effing vast.

Why do I ponder down this philosophical path? Vacation. Two weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m psyched. Food, fun, friends- what’s not to like? I love fishing, love being on boats, and since I learned what sun poisoning is (experience, ya’ll) I think I’m gonna love responsible sun bathing, too. But here is where my mind glitched:

I’m from Texas.

See “Prairie & Lake”… that’s me….

Sure, we have the gulf but have you been there? Gulf? Try Gulp. yuck yuck yuck! I crack myself up. And honestly, in the 18 years I resided in Texas I think I’d been to the Gulf maybe twice? Here’s what I’m getting at- I’m a lake girl. I love fishing, in the lake. I love boating, on a big ass lake. I know what’s in the lake. 

The Ocean?

I seriously just puked a little in my mouth. It’s just so….deep. Nothing the size of a whale can live in a lake, that’s like an elephant in a toilet, it doesn’t work. Gators? Ok, sure but not in my hood. Gar with massive teeth? Sure, but honestly it wants nothing to do with you. WHALES? *blink blink*


I had no idea I had a fear of whales until a night I dreamt of one on the beach, the sheer size of it had me feeling faint. My mind had truly put into perspective what Jonah and the Whale could never do. And I was terrified.

But it wasn’t until I was sitting around with my vacation-going buddies that my mind connected all the activities I couldn’t wait to do….were going to be on the ocean. Not a lake. I saw myself tubing and then put into perspective how much space floated down from below my feet….and what swam smoothly in the depths of the ocean I couldn’t penetrate. OH FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY.

Obviously I’ll face my fears. Obviously this will probably make for some spectacular blogging. Obviously we’re all fucking crazy for venturing into a WHALES TERRITORY. But I digress…and can’t wait for vacation, no matter how massive it is.

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  1. Diane permalink
    May 23, 2012 3:15 pm

    Um Yeah??? Boat out in ocean……Airplane in sky……Same thing to me.

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