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Allow Myself to Introduce…Myself…

May 15, 2012

Title courtesy of Austin Powers.

I realized leaving work last night, after a final YMWIK check, that someone in the UK was getting to know Erika and her weirdos.

Today someone is reeeeeeeeeeally getting to know Erika and her weirdos. And I feel compelled to ask:

Mysterious reader of my words and insanity, what do you think?

Pardon my ill manners but I can’t help asking. It’s not everyday someone in another country is scouring the lands of my life for a consecutive run…Oh no….

Sir/Ma’am… Step away. Writing one post I can feel my sanity meter dipping in and out of balance. I’m horrified at the thought of someone reading this one right after the other. Are you faint? Shivering? Blinking rapidly?

Ok, wait. Mysterious reader, please don’t step away. Step into the light…come…follow me and show your face. No, don’t click off! I’m not trying to be creepy, move away from the mouse….

I feel I should give you a medal, Mysterious One. If your eye isn’t twitching and you aren’t terrified when you hear someone say “I was just wondering…” in your daily life now, then I must congratulate you. Hell, I’ll write a post of your choosing if you so desire. Surely you didn’t read 136 posts without thinking, “Strange, she never touched on *Blank*”  Let me touch you. I mean, let me touch on it.

I’m honestly dying to know what you think, how you came across this, what your favorite food is….anything, Mysterious One, anything.

Reveal yourself to Erika and her weirdos!

Good day.

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