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My Manners Are Now Equivalent to a Battered Pup.

May 10, 2012

Earlier this week I wrote about assholes who need you to be an asshole before they give you what should have been granted at the polite opening statement. 

It was confirmed today when I replied to another generated bullshit email from Groupon stating (again) their rules for refunds and reminding me I can gift it to a friend. You know, those friends that you hate so you want to make sure they slowly rip their hair out in an effort to get a refund from your crap gift that you couldn’t get a refund for?

My response was the tone of fed up with a dash of humor because I couldn’t believe that after I’d made a phonecall to Groupon 48 hours ago and was told they were going to fix this so I can get real money back I got an email talking to me like I randomly demanded a full refund on a Groupon that was completely redeemable and I had no previous problems. After the refund policy and a strict reminder that you only get refunds when something is “unresolvable” and the wonderous idea to gift a horrible gift, this is what I said:

This response is strange seeing that I was asked in the previous email if I would like Groupon bucks credited to my account as form of refund.

I called Groupon days ago to speak with someone as I was only receiving, at one point, repeat emails (like this one) that in no way helped with my issue. The person who I spoke with created a ticket with my request for them to contact the company so that I can be issued a cash refund.

There is an unresolvable problem with that company, seeing that I couldn’t get anybody on the phone for  hours, the numbers were all personal cells and when we did get to speak to someone he sent us to someone else who wouldn’t give us an appt. I would think that was pretty unresolvable, but seeing that I couldn’t convince you of that myself, I had Groupon follow protocol so that I could receive my money back.
I’ll be honest, at this point my manners wouldn’t let me continue. Until I reminded Manners that it was out close to forty bucks so Manners ended with:
And thanks again for suggesting I gift a horrible experience to a friend. I’m only now being rude (11 emails back and forth later) as I’m pretty sure nobody is actually reading these and it’s become quite hilarious.
Have a great day.
I still feel horrible, those people on the end of these emails didn’t cause my problem. But dammit, what’s a lady to do when she’s ravaged all polite ways to say GIVE ME MY MONEY BEEYOTCH!
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