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Kindling Now, Full Blown Fire Later

May 10, 2012

Hey weirdos!

I’ve decided WordPress wasn’t pressing enough for my need to spread the most sane insanity this side of the Universe.

That’s where Kindle Publishing comes into play.

If you feel you could use a little YMWIK in route or cozied up on the couch all you’s gotta do is go here—–> !!!!!!!!!

I get my posts from everywhere- on the train, in my brain, watching planes, and reading Dr. Suess books… cough…So why not give all you weirdos the chance to release steam by laughing at all the horrible people you have to share your mornings/afternoons/life with. Oh wait… I mean laughing with those horrible, annoying people.

I’m always grateful for my readers, whether you’re next door or across the globe, and it always makes it worth it when we share that one thing in common: We look at the crazy around us and feel insane for being so damn rational. Also, cups of cake. Duh.

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