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I Can Has Style.

May 9, 2012

The Met Gala! Where fashion and celebrity come together in an attempt to look like fashion and celebrity never join forces except for tri-monthly at every award show in a years time!

After picking my jaw up off the floor when seeing this:

Hip Replacement

It takes talent to ensure nobody sees the dress at a fashion event because your hip bone made front page… I don’t even know who designed the dress. And I don’t care, because whoever it was didn’t finish it and that’s just rude.

Ok, I had to get that over with as to not take away from the main theme of this Met review: The Theme of Animals and Things.


Mulligan chose a very shiny number that is reminiscent of a robot fish. You know, the elusive robot fish? Anybody? While I joke, I love this ensemble and in my opinion she never, ever lets me down. She’s old hollywood with new age cuteness.  And robot fishness.

Anna Wintour dazzled in lobster and fur. Literally, she had a dazzling lobster on the side of her gown. And, i’m just assuming here, but since you normally have to keep those crustaceans on ice- high fashion or not-the fir wrap must have come in handy.

Beyonce was rumored to be in the amazon weeks ago, and now we know why. She has skinned the mysterious Bird of Paradise and fashioned it into fashion! Ugh, what can’t Beyonce do?


I believe the biggest surprise of the night was when none other than Effie Trinket herself showed up! She could never get enough of Capitol extravaganzas.

Nothing says high class than a nicely folded actress. I mean napkin.

It’s about time we see Rooney in black. *straigh sarcastic blank stare* She impressed once more coming to an event as the night.

Up-cylcing is the newest fad in fashion and Chloe didn’t let us down in her couture coaster dress- fashioned from Crate and Barrel throw aways. Bravah!

Alright, enough picking fun at people way more famous than me. Let’s enjoy some of the nice surprises now:

There’s a Beyonce feather in her picture.


I don’t really get the Met Gala unless celebrities dressing as art work is the point. Nonetheless they gave me MUCH to work with and for that I say:

If art can has style, I can definitely has style.

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