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May 4, 2012

Ah yes, tis the season to wear an over sized sombrero- drink more tequila than your personality needs-speak the very basic spanish you know all night long in an exaggerated accent offending absolutely no one because it’s a holiday! YAY! Cinco De Mayo!

And nothing says the 5th of May than the actual 5th of May…because…that’s what it literally….is….cough.

Churro Cup of Caaaaaaaake!

Ay Corcrumba!

Moist Caliente!

I’m really grasping in the dark for more of those but I’m coming up empty for now.

I honestly think these cups of spanish themed cake are awesome, and the site it came from is amazing. Name, product and all. Her style in teaching you the ways of the Churro Cupcake simplify what I thought would be a complex baking session. But beyond being a great Cupcake Yoda, I think I need to be her best friend if THESE are the cupcakes she conjures.

And at the end of the day nothing goes better with a baked cake of butter than a fried stick on top and tequila on the side.

Nothing about that says a strange toilet session the next morning. And if it did, don’t think about it, SSSSHHHHH, just eat it. It’s worth it.

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