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You’re So Green I Bet You Think This Post Is About You.

May 3, 2012

I fucking hate money.

With a burning passion.

Almost as much of a burning passion as my need for money.

I hate you, money.

I want to write a blog ranting about how money is evil and it does nothing good most of the time, the only time normal people feel good about it is when Amex is taken off your post-it of “Avoid Answering These Numbers” or possibly when you can actually go buy clothes or shoes without feeling like you need to avoid lunch until next pay day.

But there are too many points to write a post on this, too many variables that will morph an annoying money problem into a full blown panic attack.

I guess all I have to say is I’m tired of it running my life. I’ll make money, I’ll spend money, I have to deal with actual money every day in a truly expensivo city that the last thing I want to do is allow the stress of it to creep into my shiny bits of life that I actually enjoy and look forward to.

Yes, money is important. Yes, when it’s not the amount you need life can get very tense. Yes, I’ve experienced times when the thought of money sparks an instant migraine.

Yes, I’m probably living in what my friends call “Erikas World” and most people are rolling their eyes at my thoughts.

But does that change the fact that I want to breathe for awhile in my life without smelling that weird metal/people hands odor on the green paper we put so much stock into? No.

I will live in my world if it means not allowing the idea of money to consume every cell in my brain.

But that takes living in another world where I even allow my world to come into focus. Right now I’m so damn stressed about my current money, my near future money, and anybody else’s money that I have to be involved with.

I fucking hate money.

The Face of Money- joy, fear, mental instability, greed- all on one face

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