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We Are Held Momentarily-

May 2, 2012

By an alien relieving himself up ahead. We appreciate your patience.

Think about it- if the MTA announcer came on and swapped out “We are held momentarily by train traffic ahead” with anything: “by a mutant baby army” “by a homeless riot for Occupy Tunnels” “by a rabid rat tying up a defenseless lady rat on the tracks”… we’d have no reason to question it.

And really, half the train wouldn’t even hear it. Which means they wouldn’t hear my screams to run as the rabid homeless baby army came to gnaw at their limbs.

What does this say about society now-a-days? It’s bad enough completely bias media warps the weaker brains into believing every word they utter…as they calmly tell the masses, that they want to panic, not to panic. If a homeless person came barreling through a subway platform yelling about a giant green rat that emerged from a tunnel to eat commuters, what would you do? Believe him? What if your MTA employee said the same thing? What would you do then?

I love to think about how strong a human could be, not in just bodily strength but the mind as well. Yet as I go over this scenario I realize our lives are so important to most of us that we’d think to flee- we’d believe them if it seemed to mean saving our own lives. It’s the perfect trap to truly fuck with mankind, scare them away…into the truly dangerous situation.

Sitting on a train always has me thinking the worst case scenario. I’m a survivor, or so I’d like to think, and I watch my world with a suspicious eye but would natural instinct go down the drain once a screaming MTA employee burst on the intercom telling its riders to vacate… only to have them walk into the real trouble without anyone knowing?

I joke that we’re a bunch of mindless cows, if you ever exit at 53rd and Lex from the E train you’ll know what I mean. There are herds of us ambling towards an exit, we are sitting ducks for anyone demented enough (and honestly smart enough) to understand what a spark of fear could do to a mindless herd of humans just trying to get to work.

I’m not trying to be an asshole, I’m not trying to be a zealot in terms of mass media and the Man… I only find it truly fascinating to see how much stock we put into the people we think are responsible for our knowledge and safety. Thinking of mankinds weakness’ are cool, man, all the kids are doing it.

Brought to you by reading too many post apocalyptic books and everything going on with the government and the citizens they’re responsible for. Also brought to you by a highly caffeinated co-worker of Kims.

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