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What’s In A Name? Douche Chills.

May 1, 2012


Just say it, over and over, and then return to this entry.

Done? What did you think? Because I think…..


Salonpas? That’s the name you came up with for something that sits on tender muscles? Were you trying to beat out Bengay? That’s at least chuckle worthy, Salonpas makes me feel so many things and none of which are chuckles.

Salonpas. Uck. I can’t barely type it.

Frankie and I had a conversation last night where we figured out the problem, beyond the scientific fact that the word spreads douche chills: Pas isn’t a word.

It’s like its trying to be a word but it’s not quite ‘pause’, or ‘pus’… it doesn’t know what it wants to be but the emotion it evokes within my being leans more towards ‘pus’ which is effing gross. It’s rare a word is more vomit inducing than the material it’s named after.

While we did pinpoint the initial douche chill cause, Frankie and I were still a little confused on why they decided to name this thing “Salonpas”. *douche chills*

IcyHot, obvious. Bengay, chuckle worthy. Salonpas…..*crickets with douche chills*

I really have no more to say on this subject and if I have to type it again I might barf. I just wanted to pass the douche chills around America- if the Occupy Wallstreet douches hadn’t spread enough today already. ZING!

Erika in no way supports or disproves of Occupy Wallstreet. Please drink responsibly. 

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  1. maki permalink
    May 1, 2012 5:57 pm

    it’s cuz it’s a japanese product. we like to shorten and/or combine english words (sometimes with japanese words) together and make up random words. like anime…and karaoke…cosplay…and salonpas.

    ps, salonpas works miracles.

    • May 2, 2012 9:58 am

      Hahahahahaha This is why we’re friends. But even with that backing, the word is effing creepy.

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