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I Was Just Wondering…

April 26, 2012

Why is there so much stress in deleting boxes of someone’s face in Facebook?

If you don’t talk to them, if you didn’t go to school with them or aren’t indebted to them for life…why is it so hard to click ‘Unfriend’ as it hovers over their eye- consequently covering their good side which is why I always take pics from the left side of the lens.

That’s a fucking joke, I would never think that much about my face. I, in fact, try to unthink about my face as much as possible.

Back to the topic. What the fuck is up with this? Is it because in real life, before someone thought that a virtual life where everyone you know now knows you ate a BLT for lunch is more important, we didn’t walk up to acquaintances and say, “Excuse me, I’m no longer associating myself or my lunch schedule with you.”

I mean, it is weird. But honestly, when in real life did we have 300 friends?

I was never the person that accepted anyone and everyone on Facebook, it annoyed me. I don’t know you and I don’t want to learn about you from a computer interface. I know a lot of people that are quantity over quality, something I’ve never ever understood.

In starting a new quarter of my ridiculous life I realized a cleansing could be welcomed, not only in my own brain but in this cyber friendship world where some “relationships” are about as dimensional as your browser. So why do I still feel bad?

Because it’s just fucking weird. That’s it.

My sister got attacked for deleting someone who constantly berated her for her pictures and how she represented her life- just so we’re clear: A girl who did not like my sister or anything she put on Facebook got brutally angry when my sister took her off Facebook.

Does that sound like a generation you feel safe being around? Nuh-uh.

It’s not to be taken personal, it’s just another level of weird in this life game we’ve created on the web.

So I was just wondering, are you the asshole for deleting or the asshole for reacting so strongly to one?

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  1. April 26, 2012 11:39 am

    I used to have “friends” who never ever never not a once interacted with me, until the VERY MOMENT I deleted them. Invariably, I would then get all these messages about “why’d you drop me?” “what’s your problem?”

    I finally changed the name for my account, and now only have real friends connected, well under 300 =)

    • September 18, 2012 7:11 pm

      For some reason this comment went undetected by me for…..almost 6 months? Yikes. I’m glad you can relate, what I think is crazy is unfortunately the norm so it’s nice to know real people are out there 🙂 So keep it real!

      • September 19, 2012 8:11 am

        Yeah, I failed to mention that I am also a ninja…


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