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Happy 25th Hunger BuhEarthday Games!

April 24, 2012

Yeah, read it again effers. I did a Hunger Games themed Buhearthday part-ay. Boom.

No children were murdered in the making of this party. 

I shall start at the birthing of this idea. First, I was turning 25 so I knew I wanted to go big. I’m also perfectly fine with my slightly autistic tendencies including obsessive behavior and repetition. THUS CREATING THE HUNGER GAMES PARTY. (I’ve read the series twice in a matter of months)

I was timid with the idea as my friends were split in their knowledge/interest in the book turned movie. But then I remembered it was my birthday and I didn’t care about them. hahahaha! yay!

Step one: The concept.

I would have two tables of food, a selection of Capitol tastes and a picking of District 12. I would turn my living room into a forest. I would braid my hair and buy a girl on fire dress. Play games- like do a reaping for a Karaoke Off, darts for archery and Pin the Mockingjay on Katniss.  Even put on UFC for some blood.

Step two: The Creation

I was cooking Curry in the other room for Katniss’ fav dish at the capitol while my friends were making trees.

We stayed up until 1:30 on these bitches. Totally worth it.


As a southern lady I must insist you excuse the mess, making a forest is extremely cluttering.

The games were ready to begin. Fuck yes.

This is for Haymitch. Obviously.


Katniss would approve of this shot- it’s prob why Zach won the games.

The reaping…look how scared and stoic they are. Some are drinking to kill the pain.

Capitol Make Up contest!

Two of the last 4 tributes standing. Zach murdered us shortly after.

All in all I had a fucking blast. Great turn out, food was gobbled down, we sang our asses off and drank them off even more.

With a braid down my back, a bow in my hand, and a twice read series under my belt: I could totally win the Games. Next year.

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