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Crazy Kids and the Raps They Make.

April 19, 2012

You know you love Mother Earth when you stay after school to make an Eco Friendly rap cover of  a song that’s infamous for saying things like:

Oops I said on my dick. 

She wax it all off.

And my momma’s nice and my daddy’s dead. 

I mean… nothing says earth like dicks and dead fathers, amiright?

Luckily these smart asses changed the words into a gourmet of nature-tastic rhymes causing me to guffaw out loud in an empty office.

My plan was to find “recycling” videos, I realized I had no idea what the process of recycling looks like. How does one turn a bottle into another bottle? It’s fascinating.

But alas, this popped up and it screamed Earth and YMWIK. I’ve placed their lyric geniusness below.

“Recycle Now”

I don’t see how you can hate from outside of the class,
You can’t even get in.


Yellow model prius, yellow scrubber cleaning
Yellow DDT, bald eagles missing
Yeah, Yeah
That plant look like it’s thirsty, I plant what you plant in 10 years in 2 days
Forests love me, I’m saving blue jays
If you plant what I plant what would you say
He water all day, Mr. Estabrook
With the homework and the scrAPES, go read your book

[Josiah & Todd]
Recycle now, Recycle now (Oh)
I’m saving paper
Recycle now (Oh), Recycle now (Aye)
I’m fresha than a mother-earth.

Lil critters jitter like anteaters
Cause they killin all these critters who be living all up in these trees
Deforestation causes fragmentation
And destroys like clear-cutting does on my trees
Oops I said on my trees
I didn’t really mean to say on my trees
But since we talking about my trees
All of you haters go plant some seeds
I’m done.

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