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April 17, 2012

This is me on the Earth.

The BuhEARTHday.

Let me tell you a little something… I share the day of my birth with the day someone decided to celebrate the huge ass rock they live on. Hooray!

I’ve known this ever since I looked at a calendar in my Grandma’s bathroom that my birthday marked another celebration as well. I was confused, not gonna lie. I thought, the world was born today? This was coming from the girl who thought she was “Concussion”.

I soon learned it was not born per se, but that the inhabitants of Earth decided (pretty quickly if you look at the big picture…*sarcasmmmmm*) the Earth was worth a day. Only a day, though. Let’s not get crazy.

So naturally, when my wit grew like trees in an environmentally friendly forest untouched by lumberjack and evil corporate empires, I realized ‘earth’ was in birthday. And since my birthday is on EARTH day…well…you see how this is going.

Thus was born: BuhEARTHday.

A calendar might mark the day, but I SHARE the day with the Earth. In lieu of gifts I say hug a tree! Or, do both, honestly… cough….

I will braid my hair, wear sandals and prairie skirts, hum while I walk and smile to the leaves and birds as it is my BuhEARTHday week… if you hear about a girl that was too happy for New York and she’s hiding from the mob of cynical asswipes high up in a tree in Central Park- that’ll be me.

Stop by this week for more green and Earth friendly humor and sarcasm, the finale will be an in-depth review of the party this weekend… Of which theme I will keep to myself for now 🙂

For all you weirdos out there in the world who meander through my written life, “Like” me on my Facebook to the right of this as a wonderful BuhEARTHday gift to me!


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  1. April 17, 2012 11:20 am

    Happy BuhEarth day! That’s a good birthday to have so you can grow along with the Earth.

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