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I Can Has Style.

April 16, 2012

I’m not sure you’re ready for this very special I Can Has Style.

I’m also not going to lie that this entry will be a lot of forced humor as I’m extremely stressed but felt by opening a new post I could relieve the tension and lighten up a bit. (I didn’t intend for that sentence to be a part of my BuhEarthday week starter, wa wa)

Yesterday I tried to celebrate my Grandmas bday, which is a direct week before mine. I miss her too much, time doesn’t make her leaving us any easier and I’d do anything to call her again…even if its only for her to tell me how her computer never works.

But to celebrate her memory I’ve decided to make a Bonnie I Can Has Style- because she effing deserves it. I mean, the blog is named after her famous phrase so it’s the least I can do.

The first essential in Bonnie’s closet is a pair of clean white Keds.

I had a horrible clumsy nature growing up and would step on her Keds incessantly, her reaction could range from good humored to sailor mouth but she’d always level out. It was hard for her granddaughter to understand the concept of white Keds when my main goal was to dirty my converse up beyond recognition.

The next staple is her short sleeved sweater shirts.

Yes...that's me at 17. Lookin good '03 style.

Dressed up or casual, they filled her wardrobe. A quick switch from her classic snap pearl necklace to a thick golden mod block chain and she’d be ready for a night out. Or early evening out as she wouldn’t drive past sundown. (yes, the reverse of a vampire.)

What grandma isn’t complete without a handy pocket book? No, not a purse. A pocket book.

I couldn’t quite find one like hers, but this is a good example. A no nonsense bag filled with receipts, gum, her wallet, lipstick and hidden money in case someone stole her purse- she loved thinking there would be money they wouldn’t get right under their noses.

And lastly, as she sits with her Keds by the door- her purse on the chair- her snap pearls on…. she sips on this.

Mountain Dew and Canadian Mist. A little dew to mix with the mist. I’ve literally gotten through this whole damn post without getting emotional, but it’s impossible to remember that famous green elixir that sat in her palm almost as much as we visited her house without wishing I didn’t have to write about her in the past tense.

Luckily, talking about her shirts and pearls and bags and shoes makes it as if she’s standing right here…and that’s as good as it’s gonna get. And I’ll take it.

Show some love to your grandma today, whether she’s a call or a prayer away or a weird talking session in a dark room bc it’s weird to talk to dead people.

If my grandma can and always will has style, I can has style.

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  1. Diane permalink
    April 16, 2012 3:54 pm

    You forgot she never got ready for an occasion without checking what everyone else was wearing. Love Love

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