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April 10, 2012

It’s Take Your Feet Off Day!

Oh, sorry. I misread it. It’s No Shoes Day!

TOMS began just 6 short years ago, and in the beginning, we really had to think out of the box.  No doubt our community of smart, imaginative, dedicated followers have come up with some weird ideas over the years. The “take off your shoes and walk a mile barefoot” concept actually came to us from a campus club, and it’s one of those special ideas that has just… stuck.

Nothing like barefeet for a cause!

I personally love my feet bare, I have claustrophobic footsies and never dismiss a time I can wiggle my toes freely.

The general concept for the past five years has been the same: take your shoes off for 10 minutes, walk a mile, or go all day barefoot. You’ll quickly realize how uncomfortable it can be, and our hope is that this feeling creates a lasting connection you have with the need TOMS shoes aims to address.

Uncomfortable? For a charitable reason should I pretend walking around barefoot is uncomfortable? Are you suppose to lie for charity? I dunno. But I repeat, I LOVE BAREFEETNESS. And if you’re talking to anyone in the middle america we’re all about walkin’ around barefoot- it’s why restaurants had to make shoes a rule.

Now obviously in New York this won’t fly unless you’re in Central Park maybe…and even then…junkies don’t discriminate against parks so be wary of syringes. But if you have some time in your office, home, backyard, or sidewalk slip off those shoes and let the suckers breeeeathe.

 It’s also likely that your friends, colleagues, and strangers will ask, “What are you doing? Where are your shoes?” and that provides you with an opportunity to share the story.

 I’m sure with normal people this rings true, unfortunately if you’re the weird neighbor or office mate or blogger and you’re doing the naked feet shuffle others might just think you’re off your meds again. All for charity.
My only thought with this plan is- what about your errands? You think Rite Aid wants to hear about TOMS concepting for charity? You think your feet want to plant themselves on a Subway floor? Oh god…I’m gagging just typing it. All for charity.
That said, I hope you all have  time today to shove your smelly walking hands in your coworkers face to remind them of hardships in other countries. All for charity.
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