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April 9, 2012



Nothing says confection like Jesus coming back to life. Amiright?

YMWIK, what did you make? Please tell us, we are hanging on your every typed word…

Ok guys, chill- live it like you’ve been there.

I did two kinds, Peep cups of cake for Easter and Heath bar mini cups of cake for my face….and others…..

Here are the guts of my mission. Doesn’t it just scream Jesus walking from a cave? Oh I mean, doesn’t it just scream Easter Bunny with no religious meaning?

Guess what eggs won’t be hatching??? MUAHAHAHAHA murder in the name of confection!

Rosie distracted the hens while I took the eggs. Thanks Rose Pose.

Now it’s on to the baking process. I whipped the schitt together adding extra amounts of love. It was my fist time using this batter recipe, but thanks to a Cupcake Wars episode I was able to determine the density of each recipe I had and what would go best with my ideas. Wow…THAT was boring. Back to the good stuff:

Once the batter was almost complete I took a peep and pushed it head first in, so it would melt over the top as icing.

There was nothing they could do….

While those were melting chick style, I was preparing to pamper my mini heath bar cups.

We had some time to waste while the Peeps finished and the icing chilled.

BAM! Take in the wonders of my baking wonders.

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! Be ready for the next challenge, I WILL NEED IDEAS FROM MY READERS!

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  1. Kim permalink
    April 9, 2012 1:01 pm

    Ok, first: I love that first picture w the sprinkles.
    Second: I’ve eaten one of those and they were FREAKING DELICIOUS
    Third: There’s something so profound about sticking chicks headfirst into baked goods so that they may die for a delicious cause. I may or may not wish you had expounded on that (and the potential joys/sorrows of performing such a deed).

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