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March 26, 2012

Aaaaaaaaaand let’s try this again.

I failed miserably on my attempt at a CUPS OF CAKE challenge. But I shall be redeemed!

I have many mini cake suggestions on my Facebook page and since it’s Easter comin up I thought I’d resurrect (bible joke) my baking ability and try the Peeps cup of cake my wonderous lady friend Maki left me. But feel free to leave any cool cupcakes links you’ve seen about the web and wordpress right down there in the comment box. We’ll stock up on ideas so I can gain weight around the muscles I’m attempting to build at the gym! *freeze frame high five*

In the meantime though let’s find a cup of cake that will make this mental Monday seem sugary sweet.

Kim Shipley, featured on my blogroll (see her YMWIK debut here), posted this gooey gem on my page awhile back. I had a slight hot chocolate craze this winter and Kim here had the balls to put this in my face:

Hot Chocolate Cup of Cake.


A little info about this forbidden baked goodness, it’s from a shop called Sweet in good ‘ol historic Bwaston. Or Boston.

Check them out here. I read up on them and it was no surprise that they bake daily- use fresh ingredients- and have an adorably awesome store front. The perfect set up for drinking cake. Or eating hot chocolate.

Damn, I want that right now.

If you’re not into Hot chocolate cups of cake, get the eff off this site.

Just kidding, come back. I have some other options for you:

A plethora of perfectly designed cupcakes that will be destroyed by my wide open mouth. 

Aaaaaawwww, when she starts to say “I love you” just cram one of these past her lips!

Like to play with balls and eat sweets simultaneously? For the dudes on this blog, this one’s for you. *wink*

Whether you want to defy logic and put a straw in your cake or take part in beautifully designed confections, this place holds every card.

Sweet, you have made this CUPS OF CAKE eating lady one happy blogger.

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