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The Black Keys Were Here

March 12, 2012


I’m seeing the Black Keys tonight. I almost made sure that didn’t happen as I was SURE the concert was tomorrow. Luckily, my rock angel was with me and begged me to check the date when I got to work. Totes tonight. Oops! TeeHee!

I’ve been having palpitations since I realized it’s tonight with horrible images of Maki and I showing up to MSG tomorrow night decked out in BK gear (not really…maybe…no, joking….maybe) looking up to a sign announcing hockey…or worse…Miley Cyrus.

Deep breathes.


To prepare, I’ve decided to reminisce about my New York concert glory days.

But before I start and manslaughter you with awesomeness I’ll give me humble beginnings in the concert life of Erika.

Leanne Rimes, Alan Jackson, 98 Degrees and NSYNC (x3) all happened before lightening hit me and I was reborn into coolness.

I’ll give you a moment to laugh.

Ok stop.

Now let me blow your mind:

The Doors! (or most of them. I met the Conti’s that night and Frankie almost had a fight with the escalator man. But he was an escalator man, so.)

The White Stripes!

The Fratellis! (blown out A/C and half of Scotland ensured this show to be an AMAZING one.)

The Ting Tings! (Frankie walked me right up to the marquee and said, So how about Ting Tings tonight? I died.)

MY FIRST KOL! (nuff said… even though i was surrounded by girls who didn’t do anything until Use Somebody played….yaaaaaay.)

My NEXT Kol with The Whigs and Black Keys…. The idiots cancelled the show.

MY NEXT KOL… stage side seat. Um, epic.

MY NEXT KOL… cancelled the entire US tour. Fuckers. I’m not bitter.

AND NOW TONIGHT… I get rocked to death with the bluesiest boys this side of the Mason Dixen.

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  1. Diane permalink
    March 12, 2012 2:23 pm

    And who exactly drug you to all the uncool gigs. Yes that would be your mother who paid and endured the traffic jams and blood curdling screams of tweens.

    I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. LOVE LOVE

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