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The Bulge is Back.

March 7, 2012

I had just been blessed with an empty subway seat when my eyes settled on fancy brown dress shoes. They were nice. My eyes traveled up relaxed gray slacks and I thought, I like that color with the brown. And then it all changed.

The relaxed slack went taught about mid thigh and though my instincts knew what mine eyes would lay on- I couldn’t stop.

And there it was… THE BULGE.

I couldn’t believe it, I had to see his face to verify but OH NO, I did not need his face as that 80’s blazer blared the truth. He was truly the bulge that inspired one of my earlier ‘I Was Just Wondering’ posts.

True, he had ditched the high waters and gone for a more realistic fitting of slacks…until the unfortunate mid-thigh region. And I’m not trying to be inappropriate, but I swear it was larger than before. I had accounted this to the fact that with the slightly extra wiggle room the….worm….was allowed to expand its….lungs….

There is no nice way to talk about the horrid view I had on the train.

I had been pondering important things like world peace and what I would have for lunch when my brain was highjacked by exploding biscuit can crotch. How are you suppose to un-see these things TWICE? Up my therapy? I don’t think so.

Luckily I have this blog to use my words and hopefully sear that image into your frontal lobes.

You’re welcome.

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