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I Can Has Style

March 6, 2012

I’m totes ready to talk totes. I mean, totes right? Yuck Yuck Yuck!

No seriously, now a days when a gal not only has to lug around freshening essentials but computers, heels and the entire Dragon Tattoo series- we’re gonna need bigger bags.

I’m not gonna lie, for a second there, big bags were looking like hobo sacks designed by Chanel… but I mean, it’s still a hobo’s bag. And then a smart someone realized that computers and chic can go well together: Thus designing the ultimate tote.

Because this is my blog and it’s all like, who the fuck I am, I’m choosing to cram the brands that I tend to enjoy for my toting needs.

Which is really just one.

SAKROOTS boyeeeeeee.

I heart Sakroot with a mothereffing passion.

The company started as The Sak, a popular 90’s bag that started the crochet trend that wove through Jamaican colors, San Francisco hippies and the New York hipster.

Street fairs to this day depend on the funky free feminine casualties to drop ten bucks on an earth colored crochet investment.

And with The Sak came Sakroot, an eco friendly bag that supports local artists…and the environment. With the same woven flair, of course.

This is my bag. You can’t see the woven lines, but they’re there, it’s woven revolutionized. My first Sakroot purchase was a wallet in this design, for christmas I was christened with my very own bag! I was in Nature/Peace/Harmony love. But if you’re not digging this design, no worries, look down.

This bag has an eerie blue glow with cool looking veins or branches or witches fingers on it. OOoooooOOOoooo.

And finally, if you’re more on the hippy side of happy I’d check this tote out, like totes. It’s funky and chic with some spirit in it…and it might be my next purchase.

I hope I’ve turned my viewers of the lady persuasion (or fellas looking for the perfect gift for their candle making, Ukulele playing ladies) on to this brand.

If Saks can has style, I can has style.

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  1. March 6, 2012 1:42 pm

    I think we’re just convincing ourselves we “need” to carry everything around, all the time. Technology dependent, instant gratification generation, etc. I bought a bag big enough to carry my notebook sized planner, and that’s pretty big haha. I try not to carry everything O.o

  2. maki permalink
    March 7, 2012 11:09 am

    “cool looking veins or branches or witches fingers on it.” ?????
    it’s coral, you weirdo. coral.


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