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Where Sleeping Dogs Lay

February 22, 2012

Rosie you asshole!

Ugh, Frankie and I thought for a second too long we broke Rosie from her insanity. We’d come home, no barking. Eating well. Accepting our weekly routine. Sigh of relief.

Until she begins pissing in our bed, and when we’ve removed that option, going to my sister who was in town and pissing on her sleeping bag.

Has she tinkled on her bed? No. Well, what about her chair? No. The floor, then? Nuh uh.

She just goes where someone is definitely not going to miss it. So while, and this sounds horrible, I would LOVE to think it’s medical the simple fact that it’s other peoples sleeping areas: it’s attention based.

Why would my dog suddenly feel the need to piss in our sleeping quarters for attention she most definitely gets anyways? Beats me.

I have racked my brain trying to figure what we’ve done wrong to cause this sudden outbreak (should it not be medical). And nothing makes sense. NOTHING!

I love my dog. I love her through barking and through incessant whining when Frankie shows me any love. But I don’t love pee stains. I don’t love shopping for new bedding at outrageous prices. I don’t love stressing that after doing everything seemingly right she’s still got something glitching in that head of hers.

Oh Rose Pose… Please stop pissing where sleeping humans lay.

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