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**Awkward Silence**

February 13, 2012

There is obviously a lot to talk about… and as a blogger I should be able to bring levity to some strange, though not shocking, events that happened this weekend. But I can’t.

I thought of a ton of posts I could write, bypassing this weekend over all. But….

I felt by completely ignoring certain things it would be disrespectful no doubt to a group of people in mourning. But I felt by talking about it as Erika does, would be ill form with only 48 hours separating now from when she was found in a hotel room.

In a moment of seriousness I’ll say this and I’m done until tomorrow: While she was talented, beyond measure, I don’t feel sadness. It’s just logic, certain things will kill you whether it’s psychological or abuse at your own hand. Idols turn to ash just like the rest of us. I do feel sadness for a community of fans that looked up to her, and I do feel sadness for a daughter who is motherless… unfortunately like so many out there -most of which aren’t in the spotlight. And knowing that while celebrity can get you a lot of things, can bring a lot of comforts; it can by no means bring back the person wrenched from your grip.

I’m sorry for anyone hurting.  Hopefully whatever Whitney was hurting from, for so long, is gone now.

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