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Dink Dink Dink

February 3, 2012

Dink Dink Mother FuBLEEPckers.

I found it! The creepy music for asthma but really for up-sale in depression meds commercial! 

I was looking at the smudged mascara under my eyes this morning (spent all night watching HP movie Half Blood Prince and forgot to take off eye make up… And no, I don’t want to talk about my thoughts on the movie. I want to forget I dedicated 80 hours to it.) and felt a stirring in my subconscious … what is this strange sensation… like it’s telling me something….

Dink Dink Dink.


I then, like a mad person, start pacing while the shower water heats up  repeating the word “Dulera, Dulera, Dulera”. Luckily I was alone, save the dog but she doesn’t know English and I’m pretty sure she’s seen weirder from me.

Of course, I’m Erika… let’s not forget. So I can’t just go to work and type in Dulera and save the day. Why? Because as I sat down at my robot box I realized with fingers poised in perfect typing position…. I had forgotten the name. WTF?

In a mad rage my fingers furiously fought for any shred of what that name was. Durum? Daramex? Dursin? Dorisun? Drumemel? OH GOD!

Luckily I remembered. Found it. No example except for a poorly recorded version on a phone and you can’t hear the music. So that sucks.

Also… I was wrong in my original statement on this ad being a ploy to raise sales in anti depression meds. From the comments of people talking about the music on this commercial, and there are a lot, it’s all variations of: Does anyone know the music in that Dulera ad? It’s so pretty!

This obviously means it’s causing psychotic thoughts.


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