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February 1, 2012

**Nervous Tense Face**

I just entered my work into ABNA, the Amazon novel contest. So obviously this means, I’ve now started to tell myself why I won’t make it to the next round.

Yay brains that are supportive! *scowl*

But in my daily journey (gag) it’s important that I stand by my work and show it off to anyone who will look.

I have an evil grin on my face, as “anyone” applies to those wonderful souls reading this post!

I do understand this certain…topic…I’m about to share with you isn’t for everyone. Hell, it wasn’t even for me.  But for reasons I won’t go into- I was sucked into this theme, and decided quite reluctantly that if I can’t be a vampire… I’ll write one.

But I’ll be adamant in saying, this is NOT Twilight. It’s not happy, lovey dovey, sparkly skin adolescence. It’s gore, it’s sex and it’s adult. I mean, it’s fucking vampires for Gods sake.

So I’ve decided to share with you the Summary and Pitch that went with my entry. This is what’ll be judged to make it into the next round, which is…horrifying. I had to somehow sell my  book, on a theme quite overdone, to judges who may not be into this. (Perfect practice for shortly telling prospective lit agents why I’m awesome.)


A loner by day, Manhattan escort by night; Paige DuMont lives a perfectly normal life….for a vampire. But her world – an oddly dealt hand from the start – begins to unravel as her past forces its way into focus. An old lover from her human life (with his own set of canines) pines for the past, an evil creator lurks in her shadows and a green eyed dimpled-dork threatens her secret and the only hold on a life she worked to cement. Paige will be challenged to accommodate the hectic array of newcomers or risk their lives and hers in the strive to keep her secret in place.


Life is very rarely what you expect it to be. Fangs or no fangs. You can fight that theory until you’re blue in the face but at the end of the day sometimes the best laid plans can quickly unravel. And the only weapon you’re left with is will power and the dedication to who or what you want.

This novel focuses on the life of lead character Paige DuMont. Born a human in London and turned in 1909, she’s now a “stuck at 25” vampire: If you thought you had life crisis at 25, you haven’t stayed that age for a century. With looks that exceed her coworkers (or any human) but a get back stare that seems worse than her bite, Paige has found a nice way to be kept alone. And we quickly learn that she values her space, her routine and the rules she set up in her life.

Her story changes when her only friend Bon, her landlady, is put in a dangerous situation and discovers her secret (and is quite elated for reasons Paige can’t make out). It only gets more awkward when she falls for a human and twirls completely out of whack when the only man she knew in her human life comes to recruit her for “their community”. Uncontrollable lust, newcomers who are less than welcome, twisted expectations, secrets more disturbing than hers, and century long anguish work to tear Paige’s life in any direction it can. When special skills and unmatched strength can no longer change the game, will her dedication make up for lost power?

Well, there it is. So um… Ok… I’m going to back away slowly…


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  1. February 1, 2012 12:44 pm

    First off, I am not into the vampire thing…but I think you’ve sucked me in…partially because I like your writing and would love to see how that translates into crazy vampire sex.

    And B, I read your cupcake thing a while back and am completely confused…but that’s okay because even if i did get it i would not have time to be caught up in such tomfoolery as cupcaking! I jest…i freaken love cupcakes but really have the patience – my life is consumed with, well life. Anywho, good luck with everything mothecuppa diva!

  2. February 1, 2012 2:22 pm

    Thanks for the faith in my fanged fables! I was once an avid vampire eye roller.

    As for the cupcakes, I like my segment CUPS OF CAKE, but wanted to try here and there to make a cupcake suggested by a reader and document the results. But now I think I might not have been clear about that on my last post : / I’ll look into that…

    Thanks Mothercuppa Readah!

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