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I Was Just Wondering…

January 26, 2012

Why the fuck can’t I focus and remember KEY ingredients for my “I Was Just Wondering…”?

Last night I was clubbed over the head with a great topic for this segment. I get to work this morning, set up my new post, go to retrieve the video needed… and I don’t know what to look for.

Rewind… It was late last night (10pm late) and I heard a commercial I am used to hearing. The music is horrifyingly creepy, in an understated way. I have thought for months this specific ad is for some sort of clinical depression. It was not until I looked up and suddenly heard “for my Asthma” that my world warped into the unknown and confused. 

Let me explain. The music in that damn commercial is probably the creepiest ever used for respiratory issues. In fact, it’s soooo creepy that I can only deduce its actual use is to cause depression so that the parent company of this mysterious asthma medicine reaps mega millions in antidepressants. I’m just sayin….

Unfortunately this is where my original “I Was Just Wondering” dead ends, I don’t have the fucking commercial (because I don’t have the effing damn brand) so you can see what I mean and google wants to pretend it doesn’t know the search “asthma TV ad with creepy music, dink dink dink”… Puh-lease.

I’ve realized now, my best (and most embarrassing) bet is to describe the music. But the only way I can recite it to you is with this:

Dink Dink Dink

What I mean is, there is normal “medicinal ad campaign” flowy music and then it fades out to be replaced with “Dink Dink Dink” a few times and then back to normal “medicinal ad campaign” flowy music.

It’s the “Dink Dink Dink” that’ll get you.

It’s fucking creepy.

In case my impeccable (gag) writing skills don’t accurately portray the offensively sad music, I tried doing a recording but nothing wants to work in regard to this stupid effing creepy music topic.

If anyone should know what the hell I’m talking about, and can magically produce this commercial… you’ll…win….things? I don’t like making empty promises, but I’d be grateful!

I was just wondering… When did I get so horrible at remembering things for my blog topic? (I plead insanity.)

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  1. January 26, 2012 7:53 pm

    I have the problem where I have the “great idea” and then start writing (rambling) and forget what I was trying to say. Sometimes I write the gist of an idea down and save it for later…and then read it and have no idea what I was trying to say. haha


  1. Dink Dink Dink « you mean what i know

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