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**Enter Excited Football Jargon Here**

January 23, 2012

The Giants are going to Disneyworld!

Oh, I mean the Superbowl!


I was deep in sleep when I felt hot excited breath on my face. I also think the potency of that breath made me instantly drunk  as Frankie stage whispers in my face that “THE GIANTS WON, MY BABES, THEY’RE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL” ….I felt somewhat excited for him?

To me all this means is I can make queso, cool finger foods and come up with some dessert I can be cheeky about and football theme it up.

And then Frankie won’t be able to go to the corner bar in the hopes of avoiding the sniggers and under the breath jokes made on the heavily sexual football terms. See Mike Cox. And when he tries to shut me up I’ll gesture to all the glorious munchies I made for him and his friends, and smile as he turns begrudgingly back to the flat screen (pigs in a blanket in hand).

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