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7X7 Link Award: You Know How I Do

January 18, 2012

What the fuck?

This little blogging vixen set me up with a nifty award thingy! And given the Golden Globes were just the other night I’ve decided to think it’s the Globe of Blogs. Hmmm, I don’t like the flow of that.

Glob of Blogs. I like that better.

Let’s dig in!

So here’s the thing, the award is a pay it forward type of deal.

Say Thank You: Which I would have done anyways because my moma raised me right.

From what I gather, I tell you 7 things you NEED to know about me… which will more than likely scare you from ever coming back.

I tell you what 7 blogs, in specific categories, I feel are fitting and the best.

I tell you what 7 blogging beauties/boogers to go see IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THE COMPUTER BLOWS UP IN YOUR FACE!

First off, Thank you Roxanne for giving me the 7×7 award thingy. It’s fucking neat.

………………That space was for you to leave before the most horrific segment begins.

7. My lucky numbers are 4 and 22. My birthday is 4/22. I look at the clock almost daily at 4:22 pm.

6. Before I walked, talked or crawled… I army crawled to get to my pressing locations. You know how I do.

5. I wore a ponytail everyday in the 6th grade. (except for picture day)

4. I once thought petite-four were called pedophiles.

3. I have 5 books under my non existent belt (i hate belts). The first book: Done but hiding. Vampire Book 1: Finished. Sequel for Vampire Book: halted until I send away first vamp book. Children Christmas book: Waiting for illustrations. Book on two serial killers who dispose of victims in same place: In process

2. “No matter how long ago it was, I still choke up when thinking of your performance in Emma’s Child.” -My Mom  (This is to state that I love acting with all my heart, whether I do it or not it will be my biggest love.)

1. I grew up for a short time thinking I was Concussion. Not Caucasian.


Most B-E-A-utiful: Seeing that I focus more on the ugliness of the world, I was worried this category would give me trouble… But luckily I do a style segment, and even LUCKIERER I did one on my wonderous friend Ewin and her upcoming wedding. Nothing says beautiful like an asian/irish beaut with a mouth like Ron Burgundy.

Most Popular: I did this post at the start of my blog after a long morning stuck on a train that was…stuck. Had I not had a blog to vent to, the aforementioned situation would have warranted a far nastier Erika. Luckily, a lot of you could relate.

Most Helpful:  Need help catching a mouse? Well… I guess you could read this.

Most Controversial:  I did this one just a few weeks ago.  I’ve thought for a long time on this topic and finally had the right words to say. Even if you don’t like them, FRANKIECOUGHCOUGHFRANKIE.

Most Surprisingly Successful:  I love red carpets and award shows. I love even more WRITING A “I CAN HAS STYLE”  on it. Apparently…. Ya’ll did to. THANKS!

Most Underrated: There were a lot on this list, but I was becoming more and more afraid that only I thought they were underrated. So I chose instead a post I did when I just birthed the blog, I was proud of it but only had about 2 followers at the time.

Most Pride Worthy:  I hated starting my blog out with such a severe topic, but the pain behind a soldier’s eyes doesn’t stop when he comes back home. And Kramer deserved a post to bring pride back to his short life.


1) Kim Shipley Photography: Real lady, real life, real friend, real talent. Kim, keep it real.

2) Does Vlogging count? Daily Grace you GIN DRINKING, HAZE GIVING, REVIEWING-REVIEWING girl you.

3) The Magnificent Something is a blog I found on wordpress that completely blew me away. His eye is lovely and his iphone helps to capture unique images that allow an escape for awhile.

4) The Longest Acre was shown to me by a friend awhile back. It’s essentially about a couple living in a corporate world that gave it all up for farm living and adventure. But one entry in and you’ll see it not only exceeds that simple basis but makes milking cows and caring for chicks seem like a dream worth living.

5) Becomingly is quickly becoming my favorite blog to read. Granted he has a hand up as he’s marrying that aforementioned Ron Burgundy lady, but let’s look past that and read his entries. He’s fucking hilarious and while I’ll always beat him at Telestrations, his blog holds a dear spot in my cold black heart.

6) Want vintage awesomeness? Family pictures from a time you swear you’re from? Current awesome art and neat things? Miss Moss is your lady.

7) The Bloggess… She’s fucking insane—–ly awesome. If you ever need to go to one blog before the world ends, because let’s be honest- that’s the world we live in, it’s this one.

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  1. January 19, 2012 1:48 am

    Good job! Phew that was a lot of work wasn’t it?? =D

  2. January 19, 2012 3:51 pm

    It took me two days! But totally worth it.

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