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Love in the time of Mass Transportation

January 17, 2012

First time or a much anticipated reunion, I’ll never know. But I watched from my spot on the M train as two connected in passion.

He was fair skinned, bulky but in a good way. You could tell he was naturally bold.

She was a put together, lovely girl of the asian persuasion. I’ll overlook the height of her boots for she was in a moment of love and lust and probably they were worn to entice him.

What a way to start the morning… embrace, carnal lust, smooching. Not gonna lie, I saw tongue. She had been craving him and he probably wanted nothing more than to fulfill her.

Oh wait… did I forget to mention the “he” in this story is a XXL Dunkin Donuts coffee to go?

Happy (Fake) Monday Effers!

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  1. January 17, 2012 12:39 pm

    I’ve selected your blog for the 7X7 Award…there will be a link to your blog in about an hour! Love you what you do!

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