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I Can Has Style: The Golden Globes

January 16, 2012



This is seriously an exciting entry for me being the first red carpet in my blogging life. I associate my Sunday with phallic symbols cast in gold while men around the world associate Sundays with big balls, so really what’s the difference?

But alas Frankie went to the corner bar whilst I had  wine with friends as I jotted down notes on nominees, gowns gone gawdy, winning statements and trends. Without further ado….

I Can Has Style: Golden Globe Edition

The Classics: 

It wasn’t a surprise to me when I noticed a trend with the designer attached to most dresses I picked as the Classics. Reem Acra you classy bitch, you.

Abstract Bodice and Tapering:

This was the wild card in my opinion for the start of the awards season. All ages and style preference came together in strangely abstract bodice pieces, nearly all swooping down into a tapering skirt of gossamer and silks. They weren’t all winners in my opinion, but luckily none horrified me enough to go in the later category of “Um, what?”

Rooney Mara: 

She gets her own category as nobody in awards history had ever bought out an entire color of dress. The Golden Globe attendees all steered clear of black not by choice but because The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has literally purchased every black dress of the season for premiers, junkets and awards. And while those black dresses still surprise, still intrigue… her ponytail is quickly going to the shitter. We’ve all had short hair honey, but not all of us have a stylist: take advantage.

Um, What?:

Lea Michele channeling Michele Kwan.

Sister danger! Of the fashion persuasion!

The wrong side of letting your toddler dress you. And color on you. (See right way here)

Madonna came with the Queen Elizabeth:

Quote of the Carpet: 

“There is purple, and fuscia!….And an eagle.” -Emma Stone

There you have it, the Golden Globes through the eyes of a seriously disturbed blogger who has an itch for fashion. It was impossible to fish out every winner in the sea of windswept down-do’s, mermaid line gowns and side rouching… But….

If Hollywood can has style, I can has style.

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  1. January 17, 2012 11:29 am

    I didn’t read anyone else’s take on the GG because I knew they would be lame…I knew yours would make me laugh =D


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